Azov Regiment: russia spent over $1 billion to destroy Mariupol

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russia has spent more than $1 billion to launch air and artillery strikes on the city of Mariupol, while these funds could have been used to improve the lives of russian citizens.

The relevant statement was made by Azov Regiment Deputy Commander Sviatoslav Palamar in a video address, reports.

“We have estimated the approximate amount of funds spent by the [russian] horde not to build nursery schools, hospitals, universities or ensure a decent life for their retirees but to wage the war in Mariupol. These are colossal figures,” Palamar told.

According to the minimum estimates, the value of russia’s damaged and destroyed military equipment is $162 million. The ammunition and air missions cost russia $288 million. In addition, russia owes $661 million for its soldiers wounded and killed in Mariupol only.

Palamar spoke about the estimates in russian, addressing the people of the aggressor state. In his words, armed aggression against Mariupol alone cost russia $1,111,200,000, excluding fuel, equipment, medical evacuation, food and other expenses. These funds could have been used to build 163 schools, 273 nursery schools, two modern hospitals, 32 maternity houses or 82 pharmacies.

Palamar noted that russia had taken money from its citizens, destroyed their future and sent russian soldiers to their death.

“Ukraine is different, because we do not destroy but build and develop,” Palamar stressed.

A reminder that the russian armed aggression has caused one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the city of Mariupol. More than 1,000 civilians and Ukrainian servicemen, including about 500 wounded, are remaining within the Mariupol-based Azovstal plant. The Ukrainian side demands that russia immediately ensure a humanitarian corridor from the plant.

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