86% of Ukrainian defenders were subjected to direct physical torture in russian captivity – Ombudsman

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Most of the Ukrainian defenders released from captivity declared that they had been tortured by russians, Ukraine’s Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets said in an interview with pravda.com.ua.

“Regarding torture: I can say that according to our data, 86% of those who returned from captivity declared direct physical torture. This, by the way, established not only by us, but also by the international human rights mission of the United Nations, they have approximately the same numbers,” he explained.

The Commissioner for Human Rights also noted that he cannot disclose details about the types of torture suffered by Ukrainian defenders, stressing that the release of such information leads to increased torture of prisoners of war who remain in the captivity.

“We record, we accumulate information, in particular for the International Criminal Court. We do not name any details,” Lubinets explained.

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