Zaluzhnyi: We can neither confirm nor deny so-called withdrawal of russians from Kherson, we stick to our plan

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Significant efforts of our military are behind every so-called “goodwill gesture” of the enemy. Just as the enemy retreated from Kyiv and Kharkiv oblast, abandoned Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, the likely pullout from Kherson is the outcome of our ongoing operation, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, said in a statement.

“Directly along the Kherson axis, the Defence Forces of Ukraine have destroyed the logistic lines and support system, and disrupted the enemy’s command and control system. Thus, the enemy was left with no other option but to resort to fleeing. But, as of now, we can neither confirm nor deny the information about the so-called withdrawal of russian occupational troops from Kherson. We keep conducting offensive operations in accordance with our plan,” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

Only during the past day along the Petropavlivka – Novoraisk axis, the Defence Forces advanced 7 km, retook control over 6 settlements, 107 sq km of the territory for Ukraine. Along the Pervomaiske – Kherson axis, we advanced 7 km, retook control over 6 settlements, the area of the liberated territory is 157 sq km, he added.

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