Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard created platform for Ukrainian Studies ‘Ukraïnica’ 

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The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University jointly with the Ukrainian Institute has created a new tool for educators and researchers to integrate Ukraine into their curricula – Ukraïnica platform.

“Ukraïnica: The Primary Database of Ukrainian Studies is a platform that provides access to a constantly updated database of Ukrainian literary works, historical documents, and films in high-quality English translation,” the Ukrainian Institute told

The database, which already includes over 200 primary and secondary sources, can be filtered by genre, subject, period, decade, discipline, and writer or director. The search tools on the platform are publicly available, and users can also create a free account to develop curricula and offer their sources.

As noted, Ukraïnica aims to feature all the wealth of Ukrainian culture, literature and history, which, in turn, will make it possible to determine which sources are available in high-quality translation and which are not. In the future, the database may be expanded to include sources in several languages.

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