Ukrainian specialists present new military drone ACE ONE

Ukrainian specialists present new military drone ACE ONE 1

The new Ukrainian military drone ACE ONE was presented at the International Specialized Exhibition “Weapons and Security – 2021” in Kyiv, reported.

“We have developed a new state-of-the-art ACE ONE combat drone. There have never been such drones in Ukraine or in the world. In its class, of combat drones that can carry up to 1 ton, ACE ONE is №1. It is designed based on the latest Stealth-technology. Due to this, as well as its flat-wing shape, the drone is virtually invisible to radars. ACE ONE can reach a speed of up to 1000 km/h,” Oleksandr Los`, one of the designers, said.

“If, for example, a reconnaissance drone flies into Ukraine, ACE ONE, which is much faster and more powerful in all respects, can reach it quickly and destroy. ACE ONE can also be used to break into enemy territory, perform operations and return to the ground station,” – project co-manager Volodymyr Usov explained.

“An ACE ONE drone costs approximately $12-13 million. A three-drone swarm costs $30 million,” Volodymyr Usov, co-developer of the drone, co-founder of Air Combat Evolution (ACE), and former head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, said in an interview with

As reported, 25 Ukrainian scientists and specialists in the field of aerospace worked on the development of the UAV. The main designers of the project are the former president of Antonov Oleksandr Los and the former chairman of the State Agrarian University, a member of the International Academy of Cosmonautics Volodymyr Usov.

The engine was developed by Ivchenko-Progress and Motor Sich, and the glider was manufactured by Hydrobest.

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