Ukrainian defenders destroy more than 30 russian arms depots over past two weeks

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russian arms depots

Ukrainian defenders have destroyed more than 30 russian arms depots in Ukraine over the past two weeks, with the total number being about 50, Rostyslav Smirnov, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, was cited as saying by

“In the last two weeks alone, we have destroyed more than 30, and in general, we have already destroyed more than 50 arms depots, 17 command posts and so on. That is, in fact, it is a large number of destroyed equipment, behind their lines that, of course, completely changes their logistics chain, supplies and the possibility of offensive actions. Because, once again, the intensity of [russian] attacks is decreasing,” he said.

Smirnov said that at the moment, enemy forces are not making any progress on the front line, and they need to distract the attention of the Ukrainian military; because “if the russian federation stops shelling populated areas, then we will be able to concentrate more on our counteroffensive – and the russian federation understands this perfectly.” According to him, these actions by russian forces, by and large, are an attempt to win some time.

“When we are given ammunition that will be able to fire at a distance of 300 kilometers, they will have to move [their arms depots] even further. And [we will receive these ammunition] unequivocally, I am convinced of this,” he said.

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