Ukrainian, Crimean-Tatar Language Learning Being Squeezed Out of Crimea

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The last remaining Ukrainian-language school in russian-occupied Crimea doesn’t provide instruction in the eastern Slavic language, Eskender Bariyev, head of the Crimean-Tatar Resource Center, told RFE/RL in a radio interview on January 1.

The school is registered in the southeastern coastal town of Feodosiya and, according to Bariyev, local residents say the Ukrainian language isn’t taught there.

About 3 percent of 200,700 schoolchildren there were taught in the Crimean-Tatar language in 2018-2019, the peninsula’s education authority reports. Bariyev noted that the status of 16 Crimean-Tatar language schools have also been altered since the annexation.

Seven preserved instruction in Crimean-Tatar, while five have been transformed to instill instruction in russian. Four have been designated schools that offer a “general education.”

Only 249 schoolchildren, or 0.2 percent of pupils, formally learned Ukrainian in 2018-2019. Twenty-seven schools offer 126 classes with Crimean-Tatar instruction and five schools provide teaching in Ukrainian in eight classes.

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