Ukrainian company launches vegetable milk plant near Odesa

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Ukrainian beverage company Vitmark-Ukraine has launched its production of vegetable milk under the brand “Vega Milk” at a new plant in Ukraine’s Odesa region, according to the company’s press release. It cost €5 million to build a full-cycle vegetable milk production plant. The new plant is built with Swedish equipment and has its own storage warehouse, processing equipment, and aseptic packaging bottling lines as it processes buckwheat, wheat and oats.

The company exports its products to more than 25 countries including Canada, Israel and the U.S. The company sees a multi-billion-dollar industry in the non-dairy milk category, especially in North America and Europe.

During the past years, a number of countries are finding new niche markets within the agriculture sector in Ukraine as they look for ways to win over markets abroad with their exports.

Source: UkraineInvest

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