Ukrainian companies switch to remote work due to Coronavirus

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, together with AmCham member company Deloitte, have conducted a Ukraine Covid-19 Business Impact Survey. This is the first survey on the impact of coronavirus on the business community in Ukraine, reports.

According to the survey results, the top priorities for Ukrainian businesses at the current stage of the pandemic are limiting of business traveling (89%), providing for remote work (87%), providing office safety, including antibacterial products, disposable utensils, and thermometers (82%) as well as providing employees with the latest advice and information (81%).

Currently, companies support or plan to support their employees by limiting business travel (81%), providing remote work opportunities (79%), providing employees with up-to-date information and advice (74%), and office security (74%).

Meanwhile, Ukrainian businesses expect the biggest anticipated effects of the pandemic to be sales slowdown and cash flow challenges (61%), and an inability to fully serve customers/clients (52%). When asked about business performance targets for 2020, 65% of member companies responded that they plan to maintain their existing targets, while 14% plan to lower their annual targets moderately.

Olena Boichenko, Director of Human Capital Advisory Services in Deloitte Ukraine, commented on the survey results: “In spite of the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global and domestic businesses, the survey indicates that Ukrainian companies are demonstrating a readiness to respond to the challenge.”

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