Ukrainian companies launch Stop Bloody Energy website to cease all cooperation with russia

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cooperation with russia

DTEK Group, Naftogaz and Ukrenergo have launched Stop Bloody Energy as a call on Western companies to stop all cooperation with russia in the fuel and energy sector. Its website highlights the gas, coal, oilfield services and engineering companies that are helping fund russia’s war and who are profiting from that war.

A Stop Bloody Energy spokesperson said, “Every dollar or rouble paid for russian energy goes straight into the hands of a killer who is murdering innocent Ukrainians. There can no longer be any hesitation about whether to do business with russia or not.

“We are sending a very clear signal to anyone working with russian companies: you are directly implicated in the killing of Ukrainians. Your profit margin includes Ukrainian children, women and men who are being killed, houses destroyed, cities bombed and the millions of refugees fleeing war. The only way to stop russia is to deprive it of the funds it needs to continue this brutal war,” the Stop Bloody Energy spokesperson added.

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