Ukraine to receive 5 billion euros from EU by end of 2022

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On October 3, Ukraine and the European Union signed the Memorandum of Understanding and the Credit Agreement regarding Ukraine’s receipt of exceptional EU Macro-Financial Assistance of 5 billion euros, the press service of the government reports.

Ukraine will receive the macro-financial assistance package in three tranches based on the signed documents. The first part – 2 billion euros – will be disbursed by mid-October, and the next two parts will be later by the end of 2022.

EU finance ministers agreed to integrate the EU’s support payments to Ukraine into its 2023 budget “to make disbursements more structured and predictable,” Reuters reported, citing European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis.

Speaking to journalists, European Commission Vice-President had to agree that European Union payments to Ukraine were hardly regular.

As reported, the EU agreed to support Ukraine with 9 billion euros in May 2022, but only 1 billion of this package has been disbursed so far.

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