Ukraine-themed stained glass window installed at St. James’s Church in Sussex Gardens, London

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Ukraine-themed stained glass window

This Ukraine-themed stained glass window was recently installed at St. James’s Church in Sussex Gardens, London, Business Ukraine reports.

It was donated by the Ukrainian Canadian community and commemorates the Ukrainian Canadian troops who were based at the nearby vicarage during WWII.

According to Lubomyr Luciuk, having faced more than a little prejudice in Canada before the war, many Ukrainians in uniform felt they needed to stick together overseas. By 1943, they had set up the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen’s Association with its own “London Club” in the vicarage of St. James’s church, Sussex Gardens, London.

While most of the 35,000 who served abroad went home when the war ended, a few elected to stay, for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees in western Europe needed their help. Creating the Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau, they remained “in the field” until 1952, rescuing thousands of displaced persons from forcible repatriation to the Soviet Union. Those DPs resettled throughout the free world.

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