UA Army eliminates 49 invaders in south, destroys Pantsir-S1 system on Zmiinyi Island

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Zmiinyi Island

Over the past day, the Ukrainian military elimintaed a total of 49 aggressors, military equipment, electronic warfare station, and ammunition depot, the Operational Command “South” reported.

“The enemy attempts to reconnoiter our positions in Mykolayiv region were interrupted by the accurate work of the anti-aircraft missile unit. In total, 150 fire missions were executed by missile and artillery and other units over the day, and five strikes were launched on the enemy by aircraft,” according to the report.

Confirmed losses of the enemy are: 49 people, two Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, five armored personnel vehicles and vehicles, a towing vehicle, an electronic warfare station, an ammunition depot.

In continuation of the operation to eliminate the enemy units on Zmiinyi Island, Pantsir-S1 system anti-aircraft missile system, a radar station, and vehicles were struck.

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