Ukraine can produce a new generation tank?

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“Nota” – the main battle tank could in the coming years become a prominent project of the Ukrainian defense industry, says Serhiy Berezutsky, an expert on armored vehicles at Science Technology Company, who once took part in the development of the tank on

This project remains classified despite earlier plans to showcase the new machine sample at an Independence Day military parade. According to Berezutsky, Saudi Arabia has been interested in this armored vehicle for the last 10 years.

The Nota’s hull was set to be built according to the traditional scheme, but with the placement of the entire crew under the protection of the sides and roof. Aiming for more automation in control and preparation for the shot, the design team also worked to ensure that the front part of the hull had a 1-meter thick armor and sides with comprehensive protection applying five different means, including both dynamic and active protection. 

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