Ukraine accelerates transition to food-based economy due to war

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food-based economy

The war in Ukraine has accelerated the country’s transition from a commodity-based to a food-based economy, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy Taras Vysotsky said in a statement.

According to him, agricultural producers and farmers in Ukraine have realized that it is very risky to concentrate on just one or two grain and oil crops. One of the proofs of the transition to the food model is the stable growth of dairy product export, which has been the highest in the last two years.

The livestock numbers in industrial pig farming and poultry farming are increasing too, which is explained primarily by the decrease in the price of fodder, the deputy minister added.

Vysotsky emphasized that the investment in bioenergy is also growing. “The sector has realized that it is much more profitable to produce alternative sources of energy – bioethanol, biogas, biomethane – than to simply sell raw materials and then buy natural gas at exorbitant prices for drying corn,” he said.

According to Vysotsky, Ukraine is also looking to increase the processing of grain crops, such as the production of flour, ready-made pasta, amino acids, etc. The projects in this area have already been launched, and the ministry awaits the first results in two-three years.

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