The Ukrainian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce has opened in Tallinn

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A new Ukrainian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (UECC) began work in the Estonian capital Tallinn at the end of May as part of efforts to strengthen growing trade ties between the two countries, writes UkraineInvest Chairman Daniel Bilak.

The UECC board will include the head of the Tallinn office of the Ilyashev and Partners law firm Vitaliy Galitskih, and Elme Messer CFO in Estonia Aleksandr Timarov. Bilateral trade between the two countries grew by around 30% in 2017, with the IT sector offering particularly appealing opportunities for greater collaboration.

Ukrainians are currently the second-largest minority community in Estonia. Meanwhile, 3,431 Ukrainians have taken up Estonian e-residency. These e-residents have established 729 companies in Estonia, making them the largest group of foreign entrepreneurs by nationality.

As reported earlier, Estonian startup flagship Lift99 has opened a new hub in Kyiv.

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