putin failed to achieve strategic objectives in Ukraine – White House national security adviser

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All of putin’s strategic plans for the war in Ukraine have failed, and the kremlin will obviously not be able to achieve any other objectives, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan was cited as saying by ukrinform.net.

“russia has already substantially failed to achieve its strategic objectives in Ukraine,” Sullivan said.

He recalled that from the beginning putin did not hide his plans to take Kyiv, end Ukraine as a country, eliminate Ukrainian identity from the map and subsume Ukraine within russia.

“They have failed at that. Kyiv stands. Kharkiv stands. Odesa stands. The major cities of Ukraine across much of the country are in Ukrainian hands and are being ably and bravely defended by the Ukrainian military with the support of the United States and other NATO allies, as well as countries around the world,” Sullivan said.

He said that putin had failed to do what he set out to do.

“He will continue to fail in his ability to achieve his ultimate objectives because of the bravery of the Ukrainian people,” Sullivan said.

According to him, although russian forces have recently been able to grind out “inch by inch” some territory in the east of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces made them pay a dear price for that and the sanctions also made them pay a dear price for that.

“We will continue to work with the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian government on a strategy that will ultimately achieve their objectives, both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table,” Sullivan said.

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