SBU: russian intelligence is planning provocations in Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain

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French police

In recent years, moscow has been relentlessly trying to take control of European radical social and political structures, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) informs.

Every year, russia hosts the so-called “conferences of leaders of Europe’s right-wing parties”, “international conservative forums”, meetings of the “global revolutionary alliance”, with the direct organizational and financial assistance of the russian special services, where ideologues of the “Russky Mir” Alexander Dugin, Sergey Glazyev and others equip foreign representatives with the theory of forcible overthrow of European democracies.

To acquire the “revolutionary experience”, hundreds of radicals from Europe were recruited to illegal terrorist armed formations or were specially delivered as fake observers to pseudo-elections in the annexed Crimea and the occupied Donbas. “kremlin uses dirty methods to destroy European stability, which it sees as a threat,” says Vasyl Hrytsak, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Today, the same radicals under the banners of the so-called DNR and under the supervision of russia’s FSB and Directorate of General Staff of russian Army are passing a “practical exam”. Behind the back of peaceful protesters, they resort to the organization of riots and acts of violence in France. SBU has information that russian intelligence services have to organize similar provocations in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and other European countries.

As SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak noted, “International borders are not an obstacle to russian hybrid aggression. kremlin uses dirty methods to destroy European stability, which it sees as a threat.”

Interesting information about “yellow vests” with the banner of the fake formation called “DNR” on the photo (Left – Sorlin Fabrice, member of the so-called “international” analytical centre “Katechon”, which operates under the auspices of K. Malofeev and the Foundation of St. Basil Pervozvanny, headed by him. The Supervisory Board of “Katechon” includes gurus of the russian “Eurasianism” S. Glaziev (Advisor to russian President) and O. Dugin (leader of the “International Eurasian Movement”).

The functionary of the so-called “russia-Donbass” integration committee” created and funded by russian special services. To the right – Xavier Moreau. Fake “observer” of pseudo-elections held in occupied Ukraine’s territories. He has been living in russia for 17 years, from 2013 – a citizen of the russian Federation. Founder of the European Strategic Analysis Centre Stratpol (part of russian “fifth column” in France). A functionary of NGO “East France – Solidarity Donbass” (which is controlled by russian special services).

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