SBU exposed more than 20 russian diplomats as spies

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russian diplomats

The SBU’s (Security Service of Ukraine) counterintelligence is conducting systematic work to prevent and neutralize the threats of russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine. Since 2014, more than 30 hostile intelligence networks have been neutralized in different regions of our country. More than 180 criminals have been convicted of treason and espionage.

In addition, more than 20 russian intelligence officers who worked in Ukraine under diplomatic cover were exposed. According to the SBU, they were declared persona non grata.

During this period, Ukrainian counterintelligence agents neutralized more than 300 enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups. 26 criminals were detained in an attempt to blow up critical infrastructure, including defense facilities.

More than 250 militants have been sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for crimes against Ukraine’s state security. Among them are leaders and members of illegal armed groups and so-called “L/DNR” terrorist groups.

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