russian war crimes Irpin: SBI found 13 graves of residents

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russian war crimes

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) documented the crimes committed by russian invaders in Irpin town, Kyiv region, said SBI Director Oleksiy Sukhachov.

Investigators found 13 graves of residents, the statement says. “No crime will go unpunished. Today, no one in the world, except the perpetrators of the tragedy, doubts that the horrific crimes in Irpin, Bucha and other cities of Ukraine were committed by the russian military. But in addition to political and moral condemnation, there must be tough legal assessment,” Sukhachov stressed.

According to SBI Director, the Bureau investigators inspected about 700 hectares of the town area, which is more than 10,000 houses and buildings. These are mostly residential areas, where there were few infrastructure facilities, but only schools, hospitals, and kindergartens.

In the course of investigative actions, irrefutable evidence of crimes against humanity committed by the russian invaders in the territory of Irpin was established. In particular, the use of munitions prohibited by the Geneva Convention, unjustified cruelty, mass extermination of people.

Additionally, a large number of russian weapons and ammunition, documents were found during the investigation.

The use of anti-personnel mines, tank shells, Grad MLRS, Iskander-M ballistic missile system, artillery shrapnel shells with arrow-shaped striking elements, and other weapons against civilians in residential areas was documented.

The SBI investigative team went to Sumy region, where they will continue to document crimes jointly with representatives of the National Police.

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