russians plan attacks on Easter, writing “Christ is Risen!” on shells – intercept

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The russian invaders plan to intensify shelling on the Easter holiday, cynically writing “Christ is Risen!” on munitions, according to an intercepted call of a russian soldier with his laughing wife.

“Our guys are preparing some Easter eggs for hohols [a derogatory term for Ukrainians used in russia – UT]. Our tankers write “Christ is risen!” on the shells,” one of the soldiers tells his wife.

However, when the conversation touches upon his unit deployed in Mykolaiv region, the soldier’s tone becomes different. Of the 19 men in his platoon, only seven remained, while the rest have either been killed or fled the warzone.

“No new men are coming. On the opposite – everyone’s leaving! Who would they send us? Everyone is fleeing! Some 600 people have already resigned from our brigade… Only the most persistent ones and alcoholics stay,” the occupier sums up.

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