russian lieutenant colonel was captured wearing UA army underwear

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UA army underwear
Captive Alexander Olegovich Koshel, born on April 5, 1982, personal number: F-905994, military rank: lieutenant colonel.

The 128th Separate Mountain Assault Zakarpattia Brigade captured a high-ranking staff officer of russia’s 58th Combined Arms Army.

“During the battle with the russian army, the members of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade captured the head of the information and psychological counteraction group of the 47084th military unit of the russian army,” the Brigade’s fighters posted on Facebook.

During a personal search, soldiers of the 128th Brigade were surprised to find that Lieutenant Colonel Koshel was wearing underwear and socks marked “Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Eloquent proof that the staff members of the russian Army recognize that even the shorts and socks of the Armed Forces are better than the underwear of the praised “Second Army of the World”.

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