Great uncertainty? German Minister Roth against boycotting “great russian culture”

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russian culture

German Minister of Culture and Mass Media Claudia Roth said in an interview with that it is wrong to boycott russian culture.

“There is great uncertainty about how to deal with russian culture. I believe that a boycott is completely wrong because it is often the russian artists who try to maintain the last freedoms. And there is such great russian culture, be it music, literature, or Anton Chekhov. I’m not going to let putin take Chekhov from me!” she said.

She also recalled the case when a mayor in North Rhine-Westphalia banned a youth orchestra from playing Tchaikovsky.

“There was a public discussion, and then they were allowed to play it after all. But, of course, the debate rages on. There is a great deal of uncertainty about how to deal with russian culture,” she added.

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