russian army afraid to unload artillery ammo closer than 100 km from front line

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The russian army does not yet have the so-called “shell hunger”, but thanks to the work of the Ukrainian defense forces, it is already afraid to unload its artillery depots closer than 100 km from the front line, Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was cited as saying by

Cherevaty also emphasized that constant intense firing from all types of artillery depletes the enemy’s reserves, and the russians are already bringing reserves of artillery shells from more distant regions.

According to him, this plays into Ukraine’s hands and shows that the russian federation also has a limit of reserves that can be used quite freely.

Cherevaty also said the data of Ukrainian intelligence confirms that the russians are already taking ammunition from Belarus and are negotiating with other countries about the possible supply.

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