russia sold stolen Ukrainian grain worth at least $530 million – investigation

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Ukrainian grain

russia sold stolen Ukrainian grain worth at least 530 million dollars, data from a joint AP and PBS investigation reveals.

According to the article published at, three dozen ships made over 50 voyages to export the stolen Ukrainian grain from russian-occupied territories of Ukraine to ports in different countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and more.

According to the investigation data, the russian state United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and the Syrian state company Syriamar Shipping (under US sanctions since 2015) are both involved in these crimes.

The article says that through its subsidiary Crane Marine Contractor, USC bought three cargo ships that made no less than 17 voyages from occupied Crimea to Turkey and Syria.

The investigators also tracked trips from Crimea to Turkey by smuggling ships to docks with seaside silos operated by the government-run entity, Turkish Grain Board. The article notes that the board’s press office and executives did not respond to investigators’ inquiries about the suspect shipments.

In June, the Turkish authorities claimed they did not find any evidence of Ukraine’s grain theft.

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