russia risks being at war with NATO after another invasion of Ukraine

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at war with NATO

Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski, who served as the minister of defense, believes that russia would be fighting NATO if putin decides to invade Ukraine once again, reported.

“There is an old principle that for a successful invasion, the attacker must have a numerical advantage over the defenders of the territory by at least 3:1. The russians don’t have that. But they may have a local advantage in some areas,” said Sikorski.

Ukraine is surrounded from three sides [from the territory of the russian Federation and the occupied territories of Donbass in the east; from Belarus in the north; from the occupied Crimea in the south -UT]. They have the means of electronic warfare, as well as air and sea superiority.

However, according to Sikorski, in the event of an attack, russia, to a certain extent, will be at war not with Ukraine, but with NATO.

“After all, NATO is already supplying and will continue to supply Ukraine with intelligence data. You will have a much better tactical understanding of the battlefield. And this will make the war significantly different from what russia can imagine,” he said.

The West has not only the right but also the moral obligation to help Ukraine defend itself.

“What you are already getting from the West is not nothing. Anti-tank weapons are a real help! Our delegation of MEPs met in Kyiv with Ukraine’s minister of defense, and he assured us that Ukraine has anti-tank weapons in sufficient quantities to hit every russian tank,” Sikorski said, answering the question “What the West will do in case of another invasion?”

The question remains, though, whether putin understands this?

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