russia mines routes from Bosphorus to Odesa, blames it on Ukraine – BlackSeaNews

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On March 18, 2022, the seaport of Sochi sent a warning to shipowners and ship captains in the region about the threat of “detonation of the Ukrainian Navy mines drifting in the Black Sea. This is yet another piece of dangerous misinformation from the enemy, the co-founder and chief editor of the web portal Andrii Klymenko wrote.

The warning, signed on March 18, 2022 by the Sochi seaport captain Vyacheslav Rumyantsev reads as follows: “To organization Heads (according to the list)Dear Organization Heads! According to the information announced by the Black Sea Fleet HS* in PRIP №116, due to stormy conditions, anchor mines set by the Ukrainian Navy on the approaches to the ports of Odessa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk, South — about 420 mines such as NM and YARM — have become adrift.

Please be especially careful when sailing in the southwestern and northwestern parts of the Black Sea due to the possibility of detonation of drifting mines. I ask you to get this information to all shipowners and captains of vessels operating in the seaport of Sochi.”

The warning is intended to prevent maritime traffic of commercial vessels in the Black Sea and requires immediate deployment of the NATO Permanent Mineral Trawler Group in the Black Sea. According to BlackSeaNews sources, the russian Black Sea Fleet has been mining the recommended routes for commercial vessels from the Bosphorus in the direction of Odesa, covering it up with the lies about the “Ukrainian mines destroyed by storm”.

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