russia dedicated more than 80% of land forces to war with Ukraine – Stoltenberg

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More than 80% of russia’s land forces are now dedicated to the war in Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement.

“We welcome the unprecedented support, we are calling for even more support, and we urge them to dig deeper into the inventories, to the stocks, to continue to provide the supplies that Ukraine needs immediately. And we see that this is making a huge difference on the ground,” he said.

Stoltenberg added that the winter is coming, and it’s going to be hard. “Therefore we need both to continue to supply weapons and ammunition but also winter clothing, tents, generators and other specific equipment which is needed for the winter, partly because the size of the Ukrainian Army has just increased so much they need more of these kinds of winter equipment,” NATO Secretary General was cited as saying.

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