Referendum on Tatarstan sovereignty held in 1992 “legitimate and valid” – government in exile

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The referendum on the sovereignty of Tatarstan, held on March 21, 1992, was legitimate, being at the core of the fight for Tatarstan’s independence, Aida Abdrakhmanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Independent Tatarstan for National and Religious Affairs, said this in an interview with an

“We do not need another referendum, which ‘good russians,’ ‘liberals,’ and ‘democrats’ want to impose on us now,” Abdrakhmanova said. Foreign observers from democratic nations, including American politicians, were present. They noted that everything was legitimate at the referendum, she added. 

This is how she explained the legal grounds for the creation of the government of Independent Tatarstan in 2008. Its objective is to facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the 1992 Referendum. Due to the repressive regime established in the russian Federation, the government is currently operating in exile.

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