putin prohibits Ukrainians to own their land in Crimea

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Six years after illegally invading and annexing Crimea, russia is to prohibit Ukrainians from owning their own land.  russian President Vladimir putin’s decree, dated 20 March 2020, prevents those he calls “foreigners” from owning land in most parts of the occupied peninsula.  This effectively strips Crimean Tatars and other Ukrainians who have not taken russian citizenship of their land rights, khpg.org reports.

The decree makes amendments to a list of “coastal territories” which “foreign nationals, stateless persons and foreign legal entities” cannot have land rights to. The list includes most parts of occupied Crimea, except for three regions without access to the Black Sea 

Anton Korynevych, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Representative on Crimea, condemned the move, pointing out that russia is in breach of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians which expressly prohibits the destruction or expropriation of property by occupying powers.  russia is forcing Ukrainians who have not taken russian citizenship to either do so, or to sell their own property within a year. 

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