putin is eating up his army in Ukraine – advisor to Zaluzhnyi

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Every month, the russian army loses about 25,000 soldiers in Ukraine. Three times more russians are wounded, Daniel Rice, an American officer and adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, said in an interview with nv.ua.

Rice noted that putin continues to make blunder after blunder, violating all principles of war. “A year ago, he attacked Ukraine at the wrong time. In February, under these conditions, it is impossible to attack normally. But he still launched an offensive this year in February and March. And all he accomplished was – “eating up” his army. Attacking in open ground, infantry against artillery, they lost so many russians,” Rice noted.

According to him, the Ukrainian military is currently killing around 25,000 occupiers per month. Rice believes that the numbers for March will be about the same. Casualties per month are three times higher. russia is losing its best units.

“So when the time is right for the offensive, in the spring, Ukraine will have a much stronger army, much better provision than it was a year ago […] And I believe that this spring Ukraine will have a very powerful counteroffensive that will shock the world,” he added.

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