Ukraine became fortress on NATO’s eastern flank – Poroshenko

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The fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasized that after eight years of war against russia, Ukraine has turned into a fortress on the eastern flank of NATO. He said this in an online address during the international conference ‘NATO after Madrid: the Ukraine lesson.’

Poroshenko stressed that putin’s victory in Ukraine would be the victory of autocracy over democracy – and this cannot be allowed.

“We cannot let putin win. If this happens, and this is an unlikely scenario, it would be a defeat not only for Ukraine but also for NATO and the whole Free World. That would be the defeat of democracy over autocracy. Therefore, the battle of Ukraine is much bigger than Ukraine. De facto, in 8 years of russian aggression, Ukraine has become a fortress on NATO’s eastern flank,” Poroshenko explained.

He added that the Ukrainian army is now waging war according to the NATO standards and prevents russia from invading other countries.

The fifth president of Ukraine is convinced that Ukraine must be a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

NATO means peace while russia means war, and Ukraine wants peace, Poroshenko summed up.

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