Poroshenko: Ukraine will never retreat from using its Azov seaports

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President Petro Poroshenko stressed that the crisis in the Azov Sea area did not explode immediately. Ukraine has repeatedly drawn the attention of its partners to the provocations of russians, escalation in the region and attempts by russians to turn Azov into their inland lake.

“At times, I will say frankly, the impression was that some of our friends underestimated the obvious risks, although we provided absolutely objective information to our partners. We were not dramatizing. And only the aggressive actions of russia, along with adequate reaction of Ukraine in the form of the introduction of martial law, have drawn the proper attention of all world diplomacy to this problem,” the Head of State noted.

“I strongly emphasize, Ukraine will never retreat from using its Azov seaports, including by military ships. The truth is on our side, the law is on our side, including the international law, the support of the world is on our side and we will use all political and diplomatic means for this,” the Head of State emphasized.

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