Poroshenko’s European Solidarity Party wins elections in foreign constituencies

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The Central Election Commission of Ukraine has processed 100% of electronic voting protocols at the overseas polling stations in Ukraine’s snap parliamentary elections. The European Solidarity party takes the lead, according to the data published on the CEC’s website, writes Ukrinform.

In particular, the European Solidarity party garnered 29.55% of the vote; the Servant of the People party — 28.13%; the Holos party — 19.67%; the Party of Shariy — 4.41%; the Svoboda party — 4.25%; the Opposition Platform – For Life — 3.6%; the Batkivshchyna party — 2.01%

Snap parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine on July 21. According to the National Exit Poll, five political parties enter the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: the Servant of the People (42.2%), the Opposition Platform – For Life (11.4%), the European Solidarity party (8.8%), the Batkivshchyna party (7.4%), and the Holos party (6.5%).

European Solidarity is a political party in Ukraine. It has its roots in a parliamentary group called Solidarity set up by Petro Poroshenko. Petro Poroshenko served as the fifth President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019.

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