Over 5 million people had to flee Ukraine because of russian invasion

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As of April 19, more than 5 million people fled Ukraine because of the war waged by russia, informs the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

It is noted that the majority – more than 2.8 million people – went to Poland. More than 757,000 people went to Romania, more than 549,000 – to russia, 471,000 – to Hungary, more than 426,000 – to Moldova, more than 342,000 – to Slovakia, and more than 23,000 – to Belarus.

According to the latest estimate of the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM), another 7.1 million Ukrainian citizens are considered internally displaced, i.e., they remained in the country but had to leave their homes.

As reported earlier, russians deported 500,000 Ukrainians, including 121,000 children from Ukraine.

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