Number of vacancies in labor market decreased by 34%

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The number of vacancies in the Ukrainian labor market has decreased by 34% over the past two week of quarantine. The National Bank of Ukraine [NBU] reported this in its weekly economic review.

According to the report, during the second week of quarantine, the number of new vacancies continued to decline, although at a slower pace than during the first week.

“Over two weeks, they decreased by 34%, reflecting the deteriorated expectations of entrepreneurs for future income,” says the report.

At the same time, the number of new CVs after the first week of quarantine remained virtually unchanged (probably due to self-isolation recommendations). Status in employment almost in all activities increased (the ratio of the number of CVs to the number of vacancies) except retail and finance.

According to the National Bank, most enterprises expect a reduction in turnover/output, but are not yet ready to dismiss employees.

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