No harmless joke. Dota 2 League changes logo after potentially breaking Ukrainian law on decommunization

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Dota 2

Valve force EPICENTER to change its tournament logo after reports of potential violations of Ukranian law on promoting communism, reports.

The Pudge, featuring the hero’s face with a soviet-style motif, used in the Eastern European Dota Pro Circuit Tour 1 is no longer used. It is obvious that the DPC EEU logo was copying closely the logo of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization.

According to EPICENTER, they had acquired a “legal opinion confirming that the logo is not a communist symbol and does not promote anything”, however, they were forced to change the logo. Now it is going to be just a plain and a far less controversial “E” logo, as stated in the official tweet.

Soviet and Communist symbols are strictly policed in Ukraine after the occupation of Ukraine for most of the 20th century.

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