Security Service of Ukraine published new evidence of russia’s atrocities in Kharkiv region [audio intercept]

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rashysty vyhvaljajutsja obstrilamy myrnyh selyshh ta katuvannjamy

The Security Service of Ukraine has intercepted a phone call of a russian serviceman boasting to his father about torturing the Ukrainian POWs and shelling peaceful settlements in Kharkiv region.

“We captured two people. We cut one’s ear off as he wasn’t willing to speak. It could have been worse: we could have shot him in the head or quartered him with an APC. Or still, we could have released 100 bullets, at him, a full machine gun case, make a colander of him. Well, we could have cut his fingers off.”

He enthusiastically adds that the invaders shelled a peaceful village in Kharkiv region before looting it.

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