Even fairy tales. ruscists destroy Ukrainian books in Kharkiv region

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Ukrainian books

russian invaders destroy Ukrainian books, even fairy tales and children’s books in the territories of Kharkiv region temporarily occupied, the Borivske village council said in a statement.

“The attack on Ukrainian textbooks and literature continues in the occupied territories. It is known that the school libraries of the neighboring Kupyan district have already received an order from the occupation authorities to compile a register of all the books in their possession, published since 1991, and to dispose of them. Even fairy tales are subject to destruction and children’s illustrated books, where there is almost no text,” the report says.

At the same time, it is added that they promise to bring russian programs and textbooks from the Krasnodar region of the russian Federation.

As reported, in the Borivska community, which has been completely occupied since April 14, russian troops have destroyed and looted schools, and are taking property from private houses. Agricultural enterprises have been looted, farmers are required to continue working after “re-registration,” and are threatened with “nationalization” of property for refusal.

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