More than 2,000 civilians killed since russia attacked Ukraine

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civilians killed

Since the beginning of the armed russian aggression, more than 2,000 Ukrainians have been killed apart from defenders, reports.

“For more than 160 hours, Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have been defending themselves against the insidious and cynical attack of russia and Belarus. Every hour is the lost lives of our children, women, and defenders. For seven days of the war,” the State Emergency Service posted on Facebook.

Over this period, russia has destroyed hundreds of transport infrastructure facilities, residential houses, hospitals, and kindergartens in Ukraine. “Over this period, more than 2,000 Ukrainians have been killed, apart from our defenders,” the statement reads.

“Today, the main efforts of rescuers are aimed at saving people. The lives of more than 150 people have been saved, more than 400 fires have been put out after the enemy attacks, more than 500 people have been evacuated. Pyrotechnicians have defused 416 explosive devices,” the SES reports.

As noted, 10 rescuers have been killed and 13 more have been injured while performing their job.

On February 24, russian president Vladimir putin announced the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. russian troops have been shelling and destroying key infrastructure facilities, conducting massive attacks on residential districts of Ukrainian cities and villages using artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and ballistic missiles.

Martial law was imposed in Ukraine and general mobilization was announced.

Ukraine officially filed a lawsuit against the russian Federation at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague. International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan initiated the start of investigation into the situation in Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of all Ukrainian people, courageously resist the russian aggression.

As reported, NBU opens fundraising account for Ukrainians affected by russia’s aggression.

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