Majority of EU citizens support Ukraine’s membership in Union – survey

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Ukraine’s membership

Over half of European citizens (55%) support Ukraine’s membership in the EU, according to the study conducted by a think tank New Europe Center. The study was carried out to discover the views of Ukraine in four European Union member states – Germany, Italy, Poland, and France.

“A majority, 55%, of respondents support Ukraine’s membership in the EU.
Support for Ukraine’s NATO integration has reached 38% which demonstrates it has not a similar level of support like the EU. The number of respondents who think Ukraine should not join the EU or NATO was 28.5%”, the report says.

Ukraine’s membership

It is noted that the support for Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO is not similar in the surveyed countries. There is strong support for Ukraine’s EU membership in Poland (69.5%) and Italy (61.6%) while only less than half of Germans (47%) and in French (42.6%) support for Kyiv’s EU aspirations, the authors of the study said.

Regarding NATO, there lacks majority support in all the surveyed countries. The most open to Ukraine’s NATO membership is France with 39.9% of respondents, followed by Poland with 33.3% and by Germany and Italy with 31.3% for both countries.

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