Liquefied US gas will reach Ukraine this winter

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The first liquefied US gas will flow to Ukraine this winter. A shipload of US LNG earmarked for Ukraine is to be unloaded in November in Świnoujście, according to a deal signed last week by Kyiv’s Energy Resources of Ukraine [ERU] and Polish Oil and Gas Company [PGNiG].

After gasification, the US gas will be injected into the Polish pipeline system and shipped 1,000 km to the southeast, to the Hermanowice interconnector point, on the Lviv region border. US liquefied natural gas will help Poland quadruple its gas exports to Ukraine in two years, to 6 billion cubic meters. Last year, Ukraine imported 10.4 bcm paying $3.12 billion.

Under a 3-country blueprint, Ukraine will follow Poland’s lead in starting to use US gas to phase out purchases of russian gas. “We will take every effort to diversify gas supplies to Ukraine, which is now completely dependent on russian deliveries,” said Piotr Naimski, the Polish official responsible for energy infrastructure.

“We are making tangible breakthroughs in building a transatlantic gas supply corridor from the USA to Ukraine,” – president of ERU Dale Perry said.

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