kremlin issues new list of topics and angles for russian disinformation machine

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The kremlin issued a new list of important topics and necessary angles to use for the heads of news agencies and TV channels in russia. Among other things, the russians plan to spread disinformation about “Ukraine’s possible attack on the Donbas region,” journalist Andrei Tsaplienko wrote in a Telegram post.

The list includes the following topics:

In the news and talk shows, it is necessary to link the speeches of russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu with the statement of Igor Konashenkov, Chief Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense: “Why has the position of the West changed? Because they were afraid of the tough and consistent position of russia.”

Repeat again and again the statement of Konashenkov on the withdrawal of russian troops after the exercises. “Show the loading of equipment, personnel, and, of course, their arrival at the points of permanent deployment.”

The russian propagandists are also advised to focus on the following messages:

We have reached a dialogue with the United States and NATO, we have ‘cooled’ crazy heads in Kyiv – those are very important results. Everyone has already felt our strength and will feel it in the future.

“What about sanctions? What are the reasons for the new ones?

The Accompanying messages:

We need to press them even more. For they may perceive our prudence and responsibility as a weakness (especially in Kyiv), because the “radicals” can take advantage of the situation. They will go thoughtlessly into the Donbas region, and we will be forced to protect the people because we are obliged to do so.

A separate topic is the “hysteria” of the western diplomats about russian aggression. Sullivan (bombardment), Truss (at any moment), Bloomberg (offensive has already been declared five times), and so on. The evacuation of embassies.

It was not us who aggravated the situation, but them.

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