Kerch Bridge will be No1 target after Ukraine will get enough weapons – major general

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Kerch Bridge

The Kerch Bridge will be the number one target for the military after Ukraine will receive the promised weapons, Dmytro Marchenko, a major general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in an interview with

“It is no secret to their military or to our military. Neither is it a secret for their civilians or our civilians. This will be the number one target to destroy. We just have to cut the ‘main gut’ for their supplies. As soon as this gut is eliminated, they will start to panic. And believe me: those who were running in Simferopol and Crimea with russian flags, they will quickly find Ukrainian flags and will start running with them,” – Marchenko said.

According to him, russians in Kherson will have to fight on two fronts. “Many residents in Kherson are waiting to join the fight from the other side … They hid their weapons, and just waiting for the signal. Nobody is going to give up and nobody is going to leave them alone. If someone has thoughts that it is time to stop the war – no, this is our country, this is our land,” General Marchenko said.

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