Jona Neidhart, who defended Ukraine for two years, allowed himself to be arrested in Bern: Anyone who wants to help Ukraine must enable it to defeat russians

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jona neidhart

Jona Neidhart, who fought for two years on the most dangerous sections of the Ukraine front, allowed himself to be arrested in Bern as military service for foreign powers is illegal in Switzerland. The timing is no coincidence, reported.

“I’m looking forward to my arrest,” he said on Thursday afternoon when he arrived in Bern after a four-day bus journey from Ukraine. “I stand by my decision to have fought for Ukraine and thus for democracy.”

It has never happened before that a Swiss legionnaire fresh from the Ukraine front shows up at the post and allows himself to be arrested. But Jona Neidhart did exactly that. After two years as a machine gunfighter on the Ukraine front, he turned himself in to the police in Bern on Friday.

The Ukraine Peace Conference is taking place this weekend in Switzerland, where invited guests from all over the world are debating diplomatic means to end the war. “This conference is a joke,” Neidhart told Blick. “Anyone who really wants to help Ukraine must enable it to defeat the russians militarily. You must break the russians first before you negotiate with them, not the other way around.”

As reported, Neidhart was temporarily released after about nine hours after his arrest. “I am not allowed to leave Switzerland until my trial begins,” Neidhart said.

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