Join #WorldForUkraine to help Ukrainians fight russian and Belarusian aggression

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Volunteers have launched #WorldForUkraine as a platform that shows the magnitude of the world’s actions against russian aggression, writes

In the digital world – it is an interactive map of public support of Ukrainians under the hashtag #WorldForUkraine – rallies, flash mobs, protests around the world.

In the physical dimension – it is your opportunity to take to the streets and declare: “No to putin’s aggression, no to war.” There you may find information about past and future rallies in your city in support of Ukraine. This is a permanent platform for the Ukrainian diaspora and people all over the world concerned about the situation in Ukraine.

Today, along with the political and military support, emotional connection with the civilized world is extremely important for Ukrainians. And YOU can help! Join the #WorldForUkraine project and contribute to the battle against the bloodshed inflicted on Ukraine by the russian and Belarusian aggressors.

So here’s a couple of things you could do yourself to help:

if there is a political rally in your city, then participate in it and write about it on social media with geolocation and the hashtag #WorldForUkraine

if there are no rallies nearby, organize one in support of Ukraine yourself, write about it on social media with geolocation adding the hashtag #WorldForUkraine

You can also support Ukrainians by donating money to the Ukrainian army and charities.

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