It is not the time for another Russia reset

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It is not the time for another Russia reset 1

The signers of the open letter that call to “rethink” America’s Russian policy require a forceful response. We agree that relations between Russia and U.S are in a poor state, but we disagree strongly about the reasons what we should in response, write 33 American foreign-policy experts for

The experts strongly believe that now is not – as the letter’s authors suggest – the time for another reset with Russia. While actions of Vladimir Putin pose a threat to American interests and values and require a strong pushback.

According to them, every American administration since George H.W. Bush has tried to establish good relations with Kremlin. But Putin is more interested in portraying the United States as the greatest enemy than in improving bilateral relations.

The authors of the letter argue that it is the United States and not Russia that needs a “change” and it is exactly when they get it backward.

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