“We are running around like assholes.” ruscist admits they don’t have enough professional soldiers – intercept

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A new intercept of the SBU shows that the modern weapons, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive from Western partners, are causing much trouble for ruscists.

In a phone call with his wife the russian soldier complains: “They sit, drink coffee, press buttons, and they rain shells on us. And we are running around like assholes. We have so many tanks burned here, so much equipment… And our dic*heads can’t even hit them back, they can’t figure out where to shoot,” the occupier complains to his wife.

To support the conversation, the woman gives him some advice: “you need to shoot tanks at such distances.” But the “soldier” corrects her idea of ​​modern war: “What the hell… they start hitting you 3-4 kilometers away. What are you going to shoot the tank at?”.

“Don’t you have the equipment?” the woman asks. We don’t have professionals, the ruscist admits.

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