russians launch 4 attacks on Sumy region

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Sumy region

russian ocupants launched four attacks on Sumy region from the territory of russia on the evening of April 25, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informed.

“In the evening [April 25], four attacks were launched on Sumy region from the territory of russia. In particular, heavy weapons were fired from the russian village of Tiotkino in the direction of the Ukrainian village of Rivne in Konotop district,” the statement says

A total of 15 explosions were recorded. After a while, small arms fire was heard in the border area near the same village.

Two more explosions, following the use of heavy weapons, were recorded between the villages of Buniakino and Nova Sloboda in Konotop district.

“Moreover, a joint squad of border guards and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine heard seven shots, most likely from a mortar, near the village of Hyrino, Sumy region,” the statement says.

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