India expresses interest in Ukrainian long-range VHF radar

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A successful demonstration of a new version of the deep-upgraded VHF radar for the military attache of foreign countries ignite the interest and big export prospects, Spetstechnoexport reports.

All the key radar mechanisms, apart from the antenna, are new and engineered by a Ukrainian private company. Representatives of embassies of foreign countries, who visited the demonstration, highly appreciated the new development of Ukrainian specialists. It was stated that the radar has big export prospects.

The interest is confirmed, in particular, by the Indian partners of Spetsteсhnoexport. During the international exhibition AeroIndia 2019, which will be held February 20-24 in Bangalore, a series of talks will be held on potential of the Ukrainian meter range radar for the needs of the Indian Armed Forces.

The new development is a fully solid-state VHF radar designed to detect various types of air targets at far distances and early warning of the appearance of an enemy object in the air. This radar is capable of detecting targets that remain invisible on other frequency bands. At the same time, the radar work is equally effective under different weather conditions.

The disadvantage of existing before VHF radars was the low accuracy of target identification. In the new radar, this disadvantage was successfully addressed by the latest methods of processing signals and coordinates. Thus, this radar is capable of providing accurate targeting for air defense systems. In this case, the radar remains almost invulnerable to anti-radar missiles.

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